All premises with basements and sub-ground vault areas must have an effective means of escape in the event of a fire. For many years Luxcrete have enabled clients to conform to statutory building regulations by installing our tested and L.F.E.P.A (London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority) approved fire escape hatches over basement areas. With the high cost for floor space particularly in commercial premises, turn unused cellars and vaults into valuable work areas by fitting a Luxcrete fire escape hatch assembly.

Our hatches can be installed in isolation over existing apertures or incorporated within new Luxcrete pavement lights as direct replacements for old and obsolete cast iron units. We can supply and fix escape hatches in either in situ or pre cast formats. Please see our extensive range of pavement lights and smoke outlet panels. When installed, our hatches are effortless to operate with an easy-release catch and powerful gas strut damper springs. Luxcrete fire escape hatches are fabricated from pre-formed mild steel sections with a corrosion protective paint finish as standard, galvinising or zinc sprayed assemblies can also be supplied- refer to our technical department for further details.

As with our pavement lights, Luxcrete fire escape hatches can be supplied with the opening concrete leaf incorporating coloured or textured concrete as an option to the standard grey smooth trowelled finish.

Fire Escape Ladders

All fire escape hatches will require a suitable ladder access from the basement up to pavement level, our fire escape ladders conform to L.F.E.P.A requirements and are raked to a 60° pitch enabling fast, safe evacuation in an emergency. Our ladders comprise mild steel stringers and chequer plate treads supplied with handrails to one or both sides as required. All metalwork is supplied with a corrosion protective paint finish as standard, galvanised or zinc sprayed assemblies are available as options.

Fire Escape Hatch Maintenance

As with other forms of emergency equipment, fire escape hatches must be regularly maintained to ensure correct and consistent operation at all times. Most fire escape hatches are located within the pavement, as such dust and debris together with rain water accumulating in the gutter frame can lead to premature failure of moving/operable components without routine servicing.

Luxcrete offer a full servicing package available at regular intervals, normally every three months or at least twice yearly to maintain optimum performance. We also provide a full repair service for worn or damaged components- refer to our Technical Department for further guidance.

Access and Cellar Flaps

Identical in appearance to our fire escape hatches, Luxcrete manufacture and install access hatches and cellar flaps which are available in single or double leaf formats with either glazed or chequer plate steel opening leaf assemblies. Internal release catches can be complimented by external key operation. Refer to our Technical Department for further guidance.