We offer remedial and maintenance works to replace lenses/glass blocks. Damaged or cracked glass blocks or lens units can be removed and individually replaced. It is recommended that our skilled operatives carry out this work. Please refer to our technical advisory department.

Luxcrete offer a service and repair programme for our fire escape hatches. This would involve removing all debris which has accumulated in the frame gutter channel. Wire brushing clean the gutter channel prior to painting with a coat of galvafroid paint. Removing cleaning and greasing of pivot bars and lock mechanism. Functional testing of the hatch to include opening / closing operation, gas struts, if fitted, and lock mechanisms to ensure it is left in good working order.

The performance of the hatch will be impaired if routine cleaning is not undertaken or if the paint finish of the metal frame components deteriorates causing corrosion of operable parts of the assembly; in extreme circumstances the leaf may fail to open in an emergency.
Repairs to the complete hatch assembly must only be undertaken by trained Luxcrete personnel, please contact our technical department.