Our representative can attend site to conduct a free survey, compile a detailed report, and offer recommendations and advice regards your project needs. Site surveys and quotations are available without obligation. Survey reports available on request. Please contact our estimating department.

New Installations

Luxcrete can attend site to advise on and survey structural openings and supports, bearings, spans and loading requirements. Advise on and recommend construction type, determine the best method of installation (pre cast or in situ) and advise on jointing, sealing and weatherproofing options.

Existing Pavement Lights

Early Pavement Lights were of a cast iron construction which were normally only around 30mm deep at the rib sections and the outer frames as little as 15mm in depth.The loading requirements then were not as they are today. Over the years the original non slip embossment can be completely worn away thereby lessening the thickness of the frames and leaving them in a fragile condition.

Cast iron Pavement Lights were superseded by concrete and glass constructions. Initially with shallow section constructions which complied with the loading requirements of the time.

Lifting of the surrounding finishes, age, and heavy loading can sometimes cause the weatherproofing seal to fail and allow the ingress of water. Not only can this result in water damage and damp which can sustain mould growth, but untreated can severely affect the supporting structure. Luxcrete can survey to determine resealing options. Please contact our Technical Department.

In some instances due to age and undue heavy loading fractures can occur to the concrete Pavement lights. This can result in the ingress of water leaving the reinforcing rods subject to corrosion and expansion therefore  spalling the soffit concrete to the rib sections. This compromises the structural integrity of the panels and can leave them in a very fragile condition. Luxcrete can survey to determine if any repairs can be made or if full replacement is necessary. Please contact our Technical Advisory Department.