All of our products can be cast in situ by our highly skilled and dedicated personnel. In situ casting does allow for larger areas to be formed and is more suitable for accommodating site falls and levels. However, careful consideration must be given to the size and shape of all panels to minimise the possibility of shrinkage. Certain site conditions and locations may dictate in situ casting. Our technical department is available to provide further advice.

Our timber formwork is placed within the structural opening supported on hangers and / or acrow props. The formwork is then adjusted to achieve the required levels and falls.

The plastic moulds and lenses are then placed onto the formwork and once all levels have been agreed our batched concrete is punned between the moulds.

At this stage the H12 steel reinforcing bars are placed between the moulds rows and columns.

The grade 40 concrete is then floated level and recieves a trowelled finish.