Originally, cast iron pavement lights were designed over 100 years ago to provide a source of natural daylight within basements and cellars. Although cast iron frames have now been superseded by reinforced concrete panels incorporating glass lenses, pavement lights still perform this important function whilst providing a non- mechanical form of smoke ventilation in the event of a fire. All Luxcrete pavement lights are approved by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (L.F.E.P.A) for use as smoke outlet panels. Luxcrete pavement lights also provide aesthetically pleasing features to any building project – see our Photo Gallery for the many uses this versatile and unique product can provide.

In addition we can supply pavement lights which are designed for heavy duty applications such as loading bays and roadway areas where these panels must be capable of sustaining heavy loads imposed by vehicles. Luxcrete can provide proof of design having commissioned mechanical load tests to our panels at the Building Research Establishment Ltd (B.R.E) Garston.

Load Testing

We are able to offer six different pavement light constructions which are typically used in public footpath areas; outside shops, offices, commercial and industrial premises.

We can also provide smoke outlet panels without glass lenses, again these are approved for use by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. There are four non glazed smoke outlet panel types available for installations a functional and visible feature, prefixed “S” together with three further panel types which can be installed then overlaid with alternative paving finishes to maintain the continuity of other hard landscaping schemes, prefixed ”SG”.

To enable selection of the correct panel to suit the project specification, the product guide details the individual panel types available together with a photo image, weights and dimensions.

Technical information including maximum clear spans, diagrammatic sections and photo images of colour / surface finish options can be viewed by clicking onto the relevant menu buttons.

Test Panels

Our pavement lights and self finish smoke outlet panels have been tested by us and approved by the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority. These approvals are not transferable to similar systems offered by others.

Break Out Tests

Construction types SG150/80, SG150/100 and SG150/115 all require project specific testing and approval by the L.F.E.P.A to establish the frangibility of the overlaid finishes. We supply individual test panels for each of these panel types to a standard size of 1200 x 1200mm, available ex- stock for setting up and testing by others.

Technical Data Sheets

Click on to the data sheets for information of bearing requirements, spans and diagrammatic sections.

Maximum Panel Sizes

Our data sheets indicate the maximum span for each construction, for further details of maximum panel sizes please contact our technical department.

Weathering / Joint Flange Details

All external installations require the incorporation of suitable and durable weathering details. We offer a wide range of edge details which can be incorporated within our panels at the time of manufacture.

Top Surface Finishes / Textures

Our concrete panels are provided with a standard trowelled grey finish, other top surface finishes are available including colour pigmented concrete and exposed aggregate. For further details contact our technical department.

Soffit / Underside Finishes

Our concrete panels are manufactured using modular moulds and casting techniques to ensure a quality soffit finish is achieved as standard, this standard is ex mould / as cast, fair faced concrete. Enhanced levels of soffit finishes are available, please contact our technical department for further details.

Slip Resistance

All Luxcrete pavement lights and smoke outlet panels have been tested for wet and dry slip resistance to both concrete and glass components. For further information please contact our technical department. Test results will be made available at order stage and remain the intellectual property of Luxcrete Ltd – test data is not transferable.