Designed for heavy duty applications of up to 75KN – UDL (Ultimate Design Load), also provides the largest clear spans of all our “SG” type smoke outlet panels Construction comprises reinforced concrete ribs which are spaced at 165mm centres with an overall panel thickness of 165mm. Brass demarcation strips and bronze identification plates are supplied loose for incorporation within paving finishes. Weight – 283Kg/M².

  • Top Surface - trowelled to receive other overlaid finishes.
  • Stainless steel demarcation strips or studs also available.
  • Soffit finish – as cast / ex mould. Rib profile – square draw.
  • Pre – cast or in situ constructed options.
  • * Test Panel required for setting up and testing with overlaid finishes.
  • Special application must be made when considering heavy duty type panels.

SG165-165 Technical Data
Technical Data