The Welding Institute, Granta Park, Cambridgeshire 

Luxcrete are pleased to be the preferred contractor to supply and install our Roof Lights product ref R254/150.

These pre cast panels were produced at our factory premises by our skilled and dedicated workforce and transported to site for installation by one of our teams. 

In close consultation with the architect and our in house design team, the Roof Lights were made bespoke to suit the structural opening. This installation, taking less than a day, helped to rapidly move this project along whilst providing a stunning and practical feature to this property.

Luxcrete have also been awarded the contract to provide the Smoke Outlet Panels at the adjacent building, more images will follow when we have them.



   TWI 2 (600x800)    TWI 4 (600x800)    TWI 6 (800x600)    TWI 11 (800x600)    TWI 12 (600x800)