Pavement Lights & Smoke Outlet PanelsThe most comprehensive range of pavement lights and Smoke outlet Panels available in the UK, all validated with test certification exclusive to Luxcrete for loads / deflections, slip resistance and London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority approvals. Wide range of square and circular lens formats, technical specifications, weathering details, etc.…

Floor Light & Roof Light SystemsMost are available in pre-cast or in situ formats. Includes maximum spans, loading recommendations, weathering & edge details, concrete colours and surface finishes, glass lens options, photo images and product tests.Roof & Floor Lights

Load Testing & Smoke Outlet break out testing All Luxcrete panels have been recently load tested by the Building Research Establishment (B.R.E). Break out tests have been carried out by the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority (L.F.E.P.A) and test panels can be provided. Smoke Outlet Panels

Pre – cast Stair Treads

August 21, 2017 0

Pre - cast Stair TreadsAn innovative construction to compliment our range of glazed flooring panels. Wide range of glass lens options, concrete colours and textures all available in configurations to match our floor lights. Includes technical specifications and photo images.Pre Cast Stair Treads

Escape and Access Hatches

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Escape and Access HatchesLondon Fire & Emergency Planning Authority compliant fire escape hatches & ladders, single and double leaf gas strut assisted pavement access hatches, technical criteria, typical details, service contracts, photo images.Fire Escape Hatches

High Security Products

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High Security ProductsWe manufacture high security cell windows and roof lights, Home Office Police Building Design Guide Approved Custody Suite blast resistant cell windows, in standard size - special sizes also available. Specifications and technical criteria.Cell Unit Security Panels