Luxcrete services



Our representative can attend site to conduct a free survey, compile a detailed report, and offer recommendations and advice regards your project needs. Site surveys and quotations are available without obligation. Survey reports available on request. Please contact our estimating department.


We offer remedial and maintenance works to replace lenses/ glass blocks. Damaged or cracked glass blocks or lens units can be removed and individually replaced. It is recommended that our skilled operatives carry out this work. Please refer to our technical advisory department. Luxcrete repair and reseal pavement lights, smoke outlet panels, floor lights and roof lights. Mastic perimeter sealants or asphalt can be replaced if the adjacent finishes are removed or disturbed in any way.

Fire escape hatches and cellar flaps- Repairs to the complete hatch assembly must only be undertaken by trained Luxcrete personnel, please contact our technical department.

We also offer a regular servicing programme for our fire escape hatches. The performance of the hatch will be impaired if routine cleaning is not undertaken or if the paint finish of the metal frame components deteriorates causing corrosion of operable parts of the assembly; in extreme circumstances the leaf may fail to open in an emergency.

Cast in situ

Most of our products can be cast in situ by our highly skilled and dedicated personnel. In situ casting does allow for larger areas to be formed and is more suitable for accommodating site falls and levels. However, careful consideration must be given to the size and shape of all panels to minimise the possibility of shrinkage. Certain site conditions and locations may dictate in situ casting. Our technical department is available to provide further advice.

Pre cast

Luxcrete products can be supplied as pre cast units either to be fixed by the general contractor or by our experienced installation teams. All our products are made to order in our controlled factory environment. Pre casting usually speeds up site installation and allows work to continue during very cold weather. Luxcrete panels can be manufactured to suit most shapes, including square, rectangular, circular, triangular, multi sided and irregular.


There are, however, limitations to the size of panels we are able to cast and transport. For further details contact the Luxcrete technical advisory department.